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    Ann Bogle
    Aug 13, 12:59am

    If it were easy to keep all words in order and in their proper place, writing itself would be easy.

    On August 8, 2012, I made available in M ILLNESS group the partial transcript of an August 1, 2012 thread that broke out in two groups within Facebook, Otherstream and The Argotist Online. Had I been merely an observer, it is likely that I would have jumped in to defend cross-genre. There were observers (names not known) who must have felt that to participate in the flaming or counter-flaming would ... serve no good purpose? The cause was my interjection of prosetics (prose topics) within the context of poetics (poetry topics). The effect was the flaming thread(s). One of the men who did participate (all participants were men, except two) typed (it's not in the partial transcript) that he planned to give false attribution of statements in the thread and to publish it online. That is when I left Otherstream. A week later, I read the thread and felt that it was "live theater." As multiple voice dialogue, it seemed livelier than anything I could invent from scratch [SCRATCH]. There were themes within the thread that fit in to M ILLNESS group, and I posted it here. The next morning, Jurgen Fauth emailed me to let me know that he had received emailed complaints about that posting (that rolled by as one entry on the newsfeed late at night? time?). It is not possible even for the administrator of a group to delete threads. I asked Jurgen to give me 30 minutes to copy it in case he needed to delete it. About 24 hours later or so, he deleted it. I transported it to my weblog, Ana Verse, and flames ensued elsewhere on the Internet. Theater is the genre. Drama (the word "drama" has a negative connotation outside of art).

    There might be readers interested in the dimensions of it (not as a fight). So for those readers, you may find it at Ana Verse:


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    Ann Bogle
    Aug 13, 04:58am

    "American Candid" deposted about 11:50 p.m. after I learned that Bobbi Lurie had not read Jeffrey Side's blog post about her until tonight.

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    Ann Bogle
    Aug 14, 05:20pm

    Reposted at Ana Verse 9 p.m. August 13, 2012.

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    Marcus Speh
    Aug 15, 06:18pm

    Ann, but perhaps I should say Ana, because clearly there are multiple identities at large on these pages as everywhere on the net… an issue that I battle on a daily basis: just to say, without any reference to the flaming, which I wasn't aware of and still don't fully understand, that you are from where I stand the creator of a new art form which, even though or perhaps because it is hard to digest and traverse, comes close to representing life as it is rather than life as most writers would like to see it (on the page). I have not personally been privy to psychosis (of course every truly psychotic person would say that), but as I said elsewhere, I think this group is one of the more interesting virtual spaces to open and inhabit. In the words of a great American radio psychiatrist: "I'm listening".

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    Ann Bogle
    Aug 17, 05:07am

    Psychiatrists do not usually listen, Marcus. They prescribe rx's. Patients do not usually discourse with them.

    I have had three hallucinations and I knew during them that they were hallucinations. They occurred in the same week in 2000 or so. The rest of the week I felt normal. I went to bed at about nine on those nights, and that is when the hallucinations occurred.

    It felt like assault two of three times. Yet I didn't feel it was deserved, whatever deserved assault of the mind would be.

    I hope Larissa doesn't d'x this comment.

    Jeffrey Side at his blog defines psychosis as an inability to distinguish reality. Yet, during my three hallucinations, I could distinguish reality.

    The low-dose major tranq's prescribed not for hallucination but for anxiety. Minor tranq's lead to addiction in some people.

    Ana in Ana Verse refers to its meaning "collection." Bill Yarrow ferreted that out in his interview with me at Monday Chat about my poem-story-diary-list called "Letters, notes, conversations, partings" (2000) in which "ana" appears, defined as "a recycling choice" and experimentalism as recycling.

    My recent use of the web has seemed like a form to me as well. My locations on the web were about five. Not traveling widely but penetrating where I went.

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    Sam Rasnake
    Aug 18, 01:15am

    I believe your threads in FN, Ann, are some of your finest work.

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