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    Ann Bogle
    Aug 12, 09:16pm

    I'll try to start a conversation (where? The men on the sites are censoring) with referent to me (MaryAnne Kolton called in a general forum thread my not liking [her husband's] JLD's Occupy photo-story "psychotic") you, and Carol Novack, who was called psychotic during her lifetime at HTML Giant, about the word "psychotic" on the Internet. I'll fight the word as used against anyone. Even mentally ill people if they have had psychosis experience it in transient ways. It is not ever a word to describe the permanent condition of any person. And what is it? Why is no one asking about altered states of mind as part of the human condition?

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    Sally Reno
    Aug 13, 02:41pm

    " Why is no one asking about altered states of mind as part of the human condition?"

    Just so. We are not supposed to ask questions about the human condition.

    Rather, when shit that makes no sense occurs, we are supposed to blame HUMAN NATURE while the HUMAN CONDITIONERS go whistling down the road.

    To wit, we have 3 eat-your-face 'cannibal' guys so far if my count is correct and two more recent events in a long line of crazy-guy-shoots-peaceful-people-for-no reason. We are supposed to ask 'Why does this darkness exist in human nature?" We are not supposed to ask, "Who has been staring at these guys goats?"

    Remote controlled crazies are the human equivalent of envelopes that do not quite contain anthrax spores and are sent to prominent journalists. It's human nature, not the human condition, you see. Proving once again that people cannot be trusted to run their own minds.

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    Ann Bogle
    Aug 13, 07:27pm

    Thanks, Sally, for taking a stab at this topic. I had preplanned not to thank each contributor to a thread in the interest of keeping threads trim. No danger yet of threads in M ILLNESS turning leggy.

    3 eat-your-face cannibals in the news?

    Whack job. Once I asked Carol online at FB to check her spelling. Whack job has an "h" but wacky doesn't.

    My childhood best friend's mother called me a whack job over the phone. My friend's mother was in Florida or Minnesota, and my friend and I were at the Chelsea Hotel, where I had booked our room. My friend reported to her mother that I had started an argument at Knickerbocker. I am diagnosed, but my friend's "innocent lady" anxiety and depression are regarded by all as "past."

    She wanted to stay at the Waldorf Astoria. I hadn't wanted to ask my beau to spend $500 or more on a room. It was my decision. I thought my friend might enjoy the Chelsea because of its arts history. Janis Joplin had stayed there. Others I named. She believed that my beau was being cheap and so had chosen the Chelsea ($385 a night), and then she quoted her dad, Diamond Jim, who had said before he died of a heart attack at 32 to his young daughter, my friend, who was nine or so, that cheap was the worst possibility in a man. I told her, no, I chose the Chelsea, and then a holy conflagration about hair length and leg shaving ensued. Later, at the hotel, she could not stop bawling on the phone with her mother. It was her first trip to New York. I had been visiting NYC off and on since 1983. There will be other visits, I said, and you can stay at the Waldorf then. She had informed me in the taxi that she would inherit $25 million when her stepfather dies. That was August 2008. 43 years friends. I saw her in June 2012 at the salon, and she lied and said she'd like to meet for coffee when I got back to town.

    Sally, "We are not supposed to ask, 'Who has been staring at these guys' goats?' " I don't know exactly what you might mean, but I like it.

    "Remote controlled crazies ... " This is not empirical yet there may be something to it.

    "Proving once again that people cannot be trusted to run their own minds."

    At dinner the other night, a beautiful, young college student said that she was reluctant to visit Israel in its state of conflict, and her dad said, you can go there for free, or you can stay here where you might be killed going to Batman."

    Killers in the U.S. are psychiatrically defined by the populace. (Gloria Garfunkel wrote in the Criminology and Healing thread that criminals are not mentally ill and victims of crime may suffer PTSD.) The studies show that the d'x'd population is less violent than the general population. Also noteworthy, d'x'd are more likely to be victims of crime than are other people.

    Words of misogyny fly on the net without elaborate, immediate, or registered concern at times. Is "psychotic" a word of misogyny in hiding?

    D'x'd does not mean psychotic. What about when someone d'x'd is called psychotic? Or someone normal is called that?

    When Carol found her full name in a comment at HTML Giant and herself described as psychotic, she contacted the site owners, and they refused to remove the comment. She called me, and I instantly said, "Sue." And she said, no. Carol was a criminal defense attorney. Then she started up on the phone, "I'm not psychotic. They're psychotic." I said, hang on. Slander (libel) means derogatory and untrue. She said, psychotic is always derogatory in the culture. And I said it also describes a state of consciousness or mind involving hallucination or paranoia or delusion. The site owners and the commenter (I knew his name at the time of the call but have forgotten it) are not displaying psychosis. It relates to ethics not psychosis.

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