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    Harris Tobias
    Aug 23, 06:22pm

    A gospel song that's never been sung. If anyone has a tune for this song, please contact me at harristob@gmail.com.

    Down Below

    Down Below
    Down Below
    I can feel the devil’s undertow
    I’ve been a sinner, yes it’s true
    Is there nothing I can do
    To keep my soul from slidin’ down below

    Down Below
    Down Below
    I can feel a shakin’ in my soul
    I don’t care what people say
    I can’t wait for judgement day
    Hell is not a place I care to go

    O Lord I’m scared to die
    Cause I know I’m gonna fry
    And the devil’s waitin’ for me, this I know
    Can you give me some advice
    Help me get to paradise
    And keep my soul from heading down below

    Down Below
    Down Below
    Help me Jesus I don’t want to go
    I hope I can repent
    Before my soul is sent
    To wallow with the devil down below

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