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    Dan Tricarico
    Jan 03, 12:23pm


    Here is the editorial philosophy I posted on the LITSNACK website:

    * Great poems explode like fireworks
    * Great stories explore change--
    specifically in people, places, or
    ideas. There must be transformation!
    * In great language, syntax is lean, word
    choice economical
    * Use specific nouns and strong verbs
    * Kill adjectives and adverbs
    * Great stories use all of the
    traditional plot points (exposition,
    inciting moment, rising action, climax,
    falling action, conclusion)
    * Or, if not, they at least answer all of
    their own questions (that's Chekhov,
    * In poems, create emotion through
    imagery, figurative language, and
    specific, evocative details
    * Same for stories, except add strong
    characters and vivid setting
    * Do the above, and theme takes care of
    * In short, good literature doesn't have
    to be long
    * Our motto at LITSNACK: "Easy in. Easy
    out. Nobody gets hurt."

    The only comment posted thus far on that page was not positive.

    Your thoughts?

    Be honest. I can take it. :)

    Now: Talk amongst yourselves.


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    Sam Rasnake
    Jan 03, 01:20pm

    I do agree, Don - Good literature doesn't have to be long. Good mantra.

    Went to the website - Peycho Kanev's "Crazy Enough" is a marvelous poem. Also, especially liked Roxanne Gay's story "Men Don't Leave Me."

    Great venue.

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    Dan Tricarico
    Jan 03, 01:28pm

    Thanks, Sam. I appreciate you going there. As I commented on it after publishing Roxane's story "Men Don't Leave," is that her story is how you do it!

    The fun thing for me about LITSNACK is getting to back and read it like a reader!

    I love that part!

    Thanks again.


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