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    Sam Rasnake
    Jul 27, 01:17pm

    If My Feet Were Wings

    If my feet were wings, I could fly
    against a sun and away from this hole
    that swallows me with its bit of clay,
    wet from the world on my cheek,
    collecting at my skin to breed
    in my pores. But I have no sun,
    no pair of wings whipping
    against the wind. I do have this hole
    with its noise of nails. I would wash
    the gunk from this body, but
    the river has dried and now whispers
    my name. I could stretch my flesh
    in a cloud, in a spiral close my eyes
    to dream with such swift silence,
    full vesseled, pulsing in rhythm,
    if my feet were wings, clean and young.

    [First published piece - accepted 1983, published in Mockingbird, the literary magazine for East Tennessee State University.]

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    Ann Bogle
    Jul 28, 04:11am

    Lovely poem, angelic rhythms. I can see why Mockingbird alloyed it. It must have been a thrill to know of their acceptance.

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