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    Peter Cole
    Sep 29, 01:10pm

    If you didn't see the post on htmlgiant about our problem with Apple, read it here: http://htmlgiant.com/?p=15677

    The app will most likely be rejected again, but another option would be to reconfigure our site to include a "publish to iPhone" checkbox on the Keyhole site and filter out "objectionable" content. This would be the only other option, but I know I'm not the best candidate for reading Apple's mind(s). I'm also not interested in thinking that way. But I'm curious what others think--is it a good or bad thing to do? Does it matter?

    The point of the app is to find new readers (McSweeney's app is $5.99 and on the "hot" list--yeah they're big anyway, I know--but the opportunity is there, and our app is free). I'm completely against censoring, but here's what I'm wondering: does being published on our site mean that you have a right to be on our iPhone app too? Is filtering out content for another medium censoring?--most of the stories aren't suitable for TV or radio and everyone seems to be fine with TV and radio. Is the possibility of finding new readers worth doing something I don't want to do?

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    Adam Robinson
    Oct 05, 11:26am

    You could, like, treat the app as a "best of" but instead of "best" it would be "cleanest of."

    I don't think it would be construed as censorship. You wouldn't be filtering so much as editing a new journal.

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    Peter Cole
    Oct 09, 01:12pm

    lucky, apparently it doesn't matter. I hope it stays that way.

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