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    Marcus Speh
    Feb 26, 06:02pm

    hello everyone,

    this group owes its existence to jurgen fauth's suggestion "it would only take a minute". just to clarify a few things:

    - kaffe in katmandu is an internet site (a tumblr blog to be exact).
    - members of the kaffe can post freely
    - any of you can become a member by sending me your email (after that you're on your own apart from a short starter guide that i've created)
    - if anyone is interested in co-administering the kaffe in katmandu, show me that you can balance a plate on your nose and contact me...

    apart from that, the kaffe is an autonomous place created to require little administrative attention while generating maximum fun and value for everyone involved.

    in practice, this means that if you post a piece here in the fnaut group, you should become a member of the kaffe proper and post it at the kaffe yourself. in exceptional cases, you can also ask me to put it up and being a nice guy, i will probably do it. in fact, i love doing it.

    until end of march i'll be too busy with other stuff so please excuse my silence at fictionaut and my relative taciturnity! but, please, feel free to ask questions rgd the setup in this thread. thank you for listening and joining!

    marcus | maitre d'

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