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    Susan Gibb
    Nov 03, 06:02am

    Tough to extol the virtues of a form such as hypertext and not be able to link the story directly into the space. I did want to put up an example and while this group is named hypertext, it should really remain open to all forms of new media narrative.

    This particular piece is a very, very simple narrative structure, nothing like the rather complex looking story map I've used as the logo for this group since the purpose is to help eliminate that fear of taking the wrong path. There is no right or wrong way to read hypertext, not if the writer has ensured that each thread is complete in itself, each satisfying enough to tell a story. The reader is free to reread, which is a given in all forms of literature.

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    Finnegan Flawnt
    Dec 06, 12:29pm

    i have added "listen" to the group story pane: this is a 2d piece, which susan (thank you!) has turned into a hyperfiction piece using Tinderbox.

    for me, this is very instructive. a few observations from the author's perspective and from the perspective of a couple of readers who knew the 2d version:

    - the hypertext version is a completely different read from 2d
    - the writing itself comes out more (it's a gestalt thing bc you can choose what's in the foreground)
    - it's possible to "get lost" in the story (not possible in 2d, not in such a short piece)
    - HT seems to require individual pieces to be relatively self contained (this does not work equally well for all sections). a possible good start for an editing process
    - getting back to a bit previously read allows for a closer reading which is not a "second reading" (as when you start over from the beginning)
    - the 2d story does not enforce any particular way of linking its parts. it would be interesting to map this out differently and check the effect.

    i continue to be surprised!

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