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  • Mark Bernstein
    Oct 30, 07:48am


    J├╝rgen Fauth was kind enough to send me an invitation the other day, and then Susan Gibb wrote to me yesterday. So I thought I'd drop in.

    I'm Mark Bernstein. I work at Eastgate, where we publish original hypertext, fiction and nonfiction, and create hypertext tools like Storyspace and Tinderbox. http://www.eastgate.com/

    If you're interested in hypertext fiction, you likely know some of our titles. Our full fiction catalog is at http://www.eastgate.com/catalog/Fiction.html

    We've recently started a news site dedicated to hypertext reading and writing. http://HTLit.com/. HTLit, incidentally, is seeking correspondents.

    This year, I'm co-chair of Hypertext Communication and Education at the ACM Hypertext Conference, http://ht2010.org/ . I'm also helping to put together eLit Camp Boston, Dec 11-13, 2009: http://www.markbernstein.org/Oct09/E-LitCamp.html

    Diane Greco and I recently assembled an anthology of classic paper about Reading Hypertext: http://www.eastgate.com/catalog/ReadingHypertext.html or you can order from Amazon. My most recent paper, "On Hypertext Narrative", is here: http://www.markbernstein.org/Jun09/OnHypertextNarrative.html. Diane and I have an article on the economics of hypertext in press at <i>Genre</i>.

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    Susan Gibb
    Oct 30, 09:56pm

    Hi there, Mark. Glad you joined us here. Right now, I'm trying to figure a way of posting one of my hypertext stories (out of the 100-Days hypertexts!) because frankly, all my latest work has been in that format as you know.

    Looking forward to some interesting discussions here on writing, the direction of literary publishing, and of course, the various mediums such as hypertext that the web invites.

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