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    James Kaelan
    Sep 30, 03:20pm

    "In truth, I cared very little for the rat itself. Nor did I, when she first disappeared, feel very strongly for the girl who had left it to me. Our relationship was brief. I met her in June one year, and by August of that same year, she had disappeared. She didn’t leave much else to remember her by..."

    Read the full story at http://www.flatmancrooked.com/archives/4905

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    David Erlewine
    Oct 06, 08:04am

    hi james, would be great if you all posted the story on fictionaut and then added as a story here! i can't open the link from my current location. can't even open as a cache. bummed like you wouldn't believe. will look at from home or if/when you post on the naut. d

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