Discussion → It was said that a new person had appeared on the sea-front: a lady with a little dog

  • Pyhimlfront.thumb
    Claudia Smith
    Sep 20, 09:17am

    The Lady With The Little Dog, Chekhov

  • Rain.thumb
    Cami Park
    Sep 20, 12:14pm

    Oh, Chekhov.

    On of my go-to writing quotes is by Chekhov: "Why not just say what happened?" Or something along those lines.

  • Tux.thumb
    Gary Percesepe
    Nov 14, 08:45pm

    Just when I thought there wasn't room enough
    for another thought in my head, I had this great idea--
    call it a philosophy of life, if you will. --John Ashbery, "My Philosophy of Life"

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