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    Sam Rasnake
    Aug 18, 07:58pm

    Here's a piece that might fit the group. I posted it at FN the summer of 2010:

    2001: Eclogue

    This living flowing land

    is all there is, forever

    — Gary Snyder, “By Frazier Creek Falls”

    No flowers

    no hole to dig

    no urn no make-up

    no police escort

    or Amazing Grace

    no suit or hand

    or hose and heel

    no tents with folding chairs

    no cars pulled over

    no lights no shepherd

    no still waters

    nothing written down

    But there could be words in space

    maybe some radio transmission

    left among moons and asteroids

    some last-ditch madness

    pulsing the Crab Nebula

    and the black milk

    that comes from God's breast

    until it's hushed in infant sleep

    — originally published in Sow's Ear Poetry Review, and later, Religions of the Blood

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    Gloria Garfunkel
    Sep 21, 12:03am

    Love it.

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