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    Bill Yarrow
    Aug 18, 04:31am

    Didn't realize I wrote so much about poison!

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    Susan Tepper
    Aug 18, 07:04pm

    I am looking for a story on Poison theme but haven't found any yet in my files. I have lots of stories on various murder techniques, but I guess I'm not a poisoner. Will have to write something.

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    Ann Bogle
    Aug 18, 08:03pm

    Glad to join this group. I wrote an abstract poem (sound poem) about nuclear weapons in 1984 or so. When I put together a poetry chapbook in 2008, I went through about 100 poems and poem fragments and picked 18 of them. The anti-nuke poem is not one of those. Otherwise, like Susan Tepper, it seems I haven't written in stories about it. It may be in the background of a few of the 105 stories I include in my story collection ms. War as a political construct is in some of them.

    This is a little lazy on my part because I didn't turn this episode with the City of Minnetonka into a story but noted it instead at Gloria Garfunkel's story posted in this group:

    "This is a fright to read yet so well written. I whiffed so many truths in it, without knowing a thing about nuclear hockey pucks. Once, in Minnetonka, the city came to install smoke detectors in each bedroom by new law. The smoke detector in the hallway had been sufficient to alert us the one time there was a small fire (caused by a candle). I detached one of the new detectors from its base and brought it upstairs, where the woman contractor my mother had hired to renovate her bathroom was talking with my mother, and I showed her the label inside the new detector that said Marie Curie (something 7) radon and asked her what it meant, and she backed from me in fear. My mother later would not allow me to detach the detectors. Then one day, I detached the city-installed detectors and placed them inside my mother's metal garbage can that held her potting soil. I figured if she was unconcerned about radiation in the house, she would not mind it in the potting soil. City hall later misrouted my absentee ballot for Obama and Al Franken. *"

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