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    Meg Pokrass
    Oct 16, 05:54pm

    Anna and group:

    i posted 2 pieces. One of them, "Recipe", may need some workshopping. I'm not sure. It is unpublished, and recently finished. I'd welcome feedback if you think it needs work, and will try to workshop here if that's worth trying - the concept of workshopping on Fictionaut is new...so it's an experiment for sure.

    "Pru", the other piece, has been published but has been lost from the web because the mag. disappeared and left no archive. I consider it finished. And I would actually delete it (I've replaced it with Recipe) but don't know how!

  • Hedge.thumb
    Oct 16, 05:55pm

    Got it for ya. With my magic powers.

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    Meg Pokrass
    Oct 16, 08:04pm

    Thanks, Anna!

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