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  • Hedge.thumb
    Oct 15, 09:55pm

    Hey everyone,

    I’m excited to get so much response & discussion going..

    It’s this kind of creative energy that’s great about communities like this. I received a question about posting stories in this group - and please do. This is a great workshopping & response space - so lets make use of it.

    So,feel free to work on your stories here, even those, maybe especially those, that haven’t yet been published. EL just started a blog, called the Outlet, and there is always potential for anything that is posted here to find a home on the blog, if we take a particular shine to something.

    The blog is here if anyone is curious:

    as always, add your thoughts below, I’m always open to suggestions for new uses of this space,


  • Fictionaut.thumb
    Meg Pokrass
    Oct 17, 11:47am

    The Outlet is very nice - interesting, and well done. I'll add it to my lit. links on my prompt blog - thanks!

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