Discussion → Creativity and theology: oil and water?

  • Raven.thumb
    Andrew Bowen
    Sep 13, 12:31pm

    Is there room for creativity in religion? Does taking poetic license threaten tradition or are these two compatible?

  • Quantum.thumb
    Hazar Worth
    Sep 13, 12:40pm

    True religion does not seek to uphold stale dying dogma.

    Look at the ruins of the Catholic and Christian Church: a space molested by the fear and shame; a space polluted by the guilt and ignorance taught 'in the NAME of ....JESUS...'.

    Christ used parables to teach; Christ was the original Dj of language and words. Christ was the storyteller and the shamanic spark to bring the individual into the fullness of their personal awareness:

    NO space existed between themselves and their personal God.

    Creativity knows no limits. Creativity seeks to overturn and usurp stagnation, all moments of Life.

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