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    Dorothee Lang
    Nov 18, 03:10pm

    If you have published a text in Fictionaut and want some constructive feedback, or feel the text still isn't all fitting yet -- then try 'The Workshop': http://www.fictionaut.com/groups/the-workshop

    NOTE: there also is a "HIDDEN" workshop. if you are working on a story or a poem or any other text, and want some feedback, but don't want your text to be visible for everyone already, then that's the place to go - it is connected to the open workshop. to get into the hidden workshop, message me directly, or leave a note in the "Doormat" thread of the open workshop.

    (and if something isn't working properly in the workshop, or needs more explanations, message me, too -- i am now co-admin of 'The Workshop', and in addition, started the Hidden Workshop - i think these might be really interesting and helpful places if we can get them moving.)

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