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    Dorothee Lang
    Nov 16, 01:05pm

    there is an interesting thread in the forum, about previously unpublished stories. the thread itself is about a possible marker, yet it's also interesting as several editors share their views on published/unpublished stories.

    here's a key line: "A lot of markets won't consider anything that is already publicly available."

    here the direct link: http://www.fictionaut.com/forums/general-forum/threads/75

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    Susan Gibb
    Nov 17, 09:20am

    The world it is a-changing. Just as once no simultaneous submissions were taken (I was aghast to find that writers lied on this until I too realized it was impossible to wait 6 months for each lit mag to make up its mind) I think that with the odd combination of being both flash-and-gone-with-the-click-of-a-button that the internet is, and the it-hangs-out-there-foreverness of the internet, rules will change. The thing is, I just see so much quality work coming up and love the fact that Fictionaut (and BPR in the last issue) pays homage to the fine stories that I've certainly missed reading their first time around.

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