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    Susan Gibb
    Nov 03, 10:43am

    This sounds like not only a fun thing but a good place to learn how to write that first line.

    This is from one of my hypertext stories, written prose-style:

    "it was a morning when the moon held steady in the face of the sun; it lingered its fingers of light on the treetops like a drunkard counts pickets to find his way home"

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    Arlene Tribbia
    Nov 06, 07:27pm

    Ooo-ooo-ooo! Hi Susan! Thanks for sharing this one with us here! Yeah, I love the image of a drunk counting the pickets. The link to the rest of this story is where? I wish I could've read more - so yes - a definite thumbs up!

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    Susan Gibb
    Nov 07, 05:42am

    Thanks, Arlene. Here's the link to the story but I warn you, it's hypertext! <a href="http://susangibb.net/blog2/2009/06/100-days-project-35/">Day and Night</a>

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