Forum / some kind of history feature?

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    Maria Robinson
    Mar 27, 12:14pm

    Hey, Jürgen! I was wondering is there's the possibility of some kind of a browsing history, so that we can easily re-find things we've already viewed without having to go searching by author/title.

    I realize it's a snap to save/print as PDF, but for those of us with storage issue and a love of trees, having some kind of list of previously viewed stories would be a great feature.

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    Jürgen Fauth
    Mar 30, 01:27pm

    Hi Maria. That's an interesting idea. We've been toying with something like a "reading list" feature that would let you keep track of stories you'd still like to read (and then perhaps transfer to a device etc.) Perhaps such a list could also maintain a history.

    In the meantime, the "favorites" feature is also intended as a way to remind you of stories you've liked. It's a recommendation for others, but since stories you've faved show up on your profile, it's also a way to keep track of them for yourself.

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    Maria Robinson
    Mar 31, 01:25pm

    A reading list would be great! Just a way to keep track of things I don't get to finish in one go.

    Regarding the favorites, Jürgen, I'm fave-o-phobic, and I don't know why! I feel like once I start, my list will get out of control, and/or I'll end up with a bunch of faves that I like but don't really love over time... (Yeah: I'm pretty sure I'm taking this issue way too seriously.)

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