Forum / DECEMBER Short Story Challenge!

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    Susan Gibb
    Dec 01, 01:47pm

    Opened up as of a few minutes ago--check out the challenge at the Group Site and have some fun with it.

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    Susan Tepper
    Dec 01, 05:56pm

    At the CVS by Susan Tepper

    At the CVS you see blood. Santa’s red suit in the life-size cardboard cut out is really his naked body oozing the stuff, you check your watch and try to decipher his platelet count by how many times the second hand passes the four.

    You see blood coming out of Santa’s sparkly hanging balls and you think you never liked sex anyway, so what’s the big hurry about Christmas?

    Since before the store starting hanging all the turkey paraphernalia, boxes of lights and tinsel began to take up valuable shelf space replacing the suntan oil display.

    During a twenty minute break in the tight back room, Ron Pecan makes the following announcement: “Everyone likes Christmas.”

    Popping the lid off a yogurt you lifted from the dairy case, you say, “That’s dumb-ass. I like summer, the drinks are better.”

    You’re thinking about those colored drinks in wide martini glasses with the plastic palm tree stirrers stuck with cherries and pineapple chunks.

    Ron just grins going moooooo and hanging his head the way lowing cows do when they want to get back to the barn. You know what’s running through his mind. Frowning, you stir the pulpy strawberries up from the bottom of the yogurt cup. The white goes pink to red really fast. Blood, again.

    “That’s Christmas for ya.” And you toss this off avoiding Ron’s gaze.

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    Susan Gibb
    Dec 02, 07:31am

    Love this! Can't believe what you've done with those phrases--priceless. Can you repost as a regular story entry then move it to the SSC group?

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