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    Susan Gibb
    Nov 25, 06:11am

    There's a good group happening at The Workshop, and The Hidden Workshop, for those who would like more feedback on work. At The Workshop Group, check in at the Doormat post to receive an email that will bring you into the Hidden Group. By "hidden" we're not saying "exclusive" since it's open to all who ask entry, but rather a place where you can test out your stories, like off-off-Broadway. You know, fun stuff and serious, both.

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    Finnegan Flawnt
    Dec 04, 02:47pm

    i dont seem to be able to post a story anywhere if i have a story on the front page. that's not useful with respect to "hidden" or test groups for pre-publication... or is it and i'm daft? thanks!

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    J├╝rgen Fauth
    Dec 04, 02:51pm

    If you put up a story publicly, it *always* goes on the front page. You can then also add it to groups. No matter what groups it's in, it will always be visible to anyone.

    If you post a story privately, it won't show on the front page, but you can still add it to groups. If you add it to a public group, it will be visible to the world. If you add it to a private group, like the Hidden Workshop, only the member of that private group will be able to see the story.

    To keep writers from flooding the front page with their work, we added a limit recently that keeps you from posting a new story if you still have a story on the front page.

    Hope that makes sense...

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    Finnegan Flawnt
    Dec 04, 05:46pm

    thanks jurgen...susan helped and i figured it out. i get it now. the limit makes eminent sense and provides a stop gap to flooding as you say.

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