Forum / ?s turn into - when I click save, please help :)

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    Heather Fowler
    Mar 24, 10:52pm


    Just dropping in with a quick question. My "?"s all turn into "-" when I publish or save a story. Can you help?

    All best and warmest,

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    Jürgen Fauth
    Mar 26, 09:05pm

    Ugh, sorry Heather. Which operating system, browser, and word processor are you using? Would you mind sending one of the offending files to

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    Heather Fowler
    Mar 29, 09:11am

    Hi Jürgen,

    I'm using Windows XP, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Word (the new one, but I save everything as a 2003 compatible file since I don't like docx hassle).

    But, I just pasted in a story yesterday and it worked!! Yay! You must have fixed it already?

    Hope you're having a great weekend! Sorry I didn't see your reply until now.

    All warmest and best, H

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