Forum / Hyperfiction possibilities of posting?

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    Susan Gibb
    Oct 31, 05:44am

    My latest stories have all been written in hypertext and I'd love to post and get feedback on one or two of them here.

    Is there a way of forcing the link to go to my server to pick it up? I've tried doing this but the <a href="etc&gt;"> tag disappears in the post and doesn't work (except when first entering it) and have placed a story specifically on my server file for Fictionaut use only, with a link returning the reader here to Fictionaut so that it's not a blatant link to my own weblog.

    Any suggestions?

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    J├╝rgen Fauth
    Nov 01, 02:35pm

    The only way to share hypertext on Fictionaut that I see at the moment is to link it -- perhaps from the forums in the hypertext group? (Blatantly linking to your own site is not a problem -- it's not like anybody is getting tricked.) You can't really add hyperfiction as a story post since just pasting the text there wouldn't work.

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