Forum / privacy?

  • Sg.thumb
    Oct 19, 11:01pm

    I noticed if someone googles my name the first thing that comes up is my fictionaut stories there a way to make my profile private so people not on this site can't read what I post?

  • Yankee.thumb
    Carson Baker
    Oct 20, 12:56am

    Hi Shar -- Your options are to use a nom de plume or make your stories private and just share them with your contacts. Unfortunately there's nothing we can do about Google -- their robots have the same access that everyone else does. Hope that works!

  • Img_0358.thumb
    Matt Kang
    Nov 04, 02:01pm

    I'm pretty sure you can add a meta tag to the site html so that individual pages--stories and the like--aren't crawled by the google bot, so they won't show up in google searches.

  • Mail.thumb
    John Minichillo
    Nov 10, 08:40am

    Except most writers want to be found, want to read. You wouldn't want to turn off that access for a small number of people. Most of us put the work out there on purpose. Yet, you don't have to put anything about yourself on your profile.

  • Img_0358.thumb
    Matt Kang
    Nov 11, 04:22am

    It would be pretty easy to implement an opt-out feature in your preferences, so that if you want it to be crawled by google, it will; and if you don't, it will simply add some meta tag to all your stuff.

    That would please both parties, wouldn't it?

  • Author_wide.thumb
    J├╝rgen Fauth
    Nov 11, 10:18am

    Not sure there are two parties here, Matt. You already have complete control over posting stories and what to include in your profile. I don't quite the see point of letting users fine-tune their meta tags.

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