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    Amantine B
    Dec 14, 10:57am

    Hi Everyone, I realise this is short notice and I'd have posted earlier but for being knocked for six this past fortnight.
    NEWS is that RARE SWAN PRESS published a 25/25 concertina visual poetry booklet, STORIES FROM THE EYES OF AN OWL by Sarah-Jane Crowson on December 1st (The overall limited print run is 100, so a further 74 will be available soon). The 24/25 is now up a a prize for the winner of a festive Ekphrastic poerty competition which closes tomorrow and is based on a visual poem with her own poem extracted title "Owl-light".

    All the competition information information, plus a link to a form where you can add your name and details if you'd like to order the booklet, (its only £5.00 pounds and postage - the idea was to make it available to everyone)

    There is also an interview about how this 'pop-up' publishing project came about.

    So if you're in the mood for a quick light prompt
    over the next 24 hours, they'd be delighted to read your work. The competition is being judged by Sarah-Jane Crowson and Marcelle Newbold, Managing Editor of Rare Swan Press.

    Take a peek and have some fun.



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