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    Amantine B
    Jun 18, 03:53pm

    Hi Everyone,

    I want to share this link with all of you; it is about the upcoming podcast, airing this Sunday (June20th) produced by Alt.Stories ( Alternative Stories and Fake Realities Podcast(UK) of pieces from the 100 Words of Solitude Collection.

    it features readings, both by the contributors as well as actors from the 100 Words of Solitude Book and features interviews with both the editors and the publisher about how the 'for charity' online project and the book collaboration came about

    Thank you for listening and supporting the authors.


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    Sam Rasnake
    Jun 18, 08:06pm

    I'll definitely check out the podcast.

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    Agnes Ezra Arabella
    Jun 19, 12:31am

    So neat! Congrats Amantine!

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