Forum / Rare Swan Press is 'live' !

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    Amantine B
    Jan 12, 08:19am

    2020 turned out to be quite an extraordinary year, not least thanks to you lovely folk, who have so generously supported my writing.Being able to support this community likewise with hosting work in Literati Magazine has been among the highlights of the past twelve months. And now I am delighted to announce I hope to be extending this supportive platform further through Rare Swan Press; a modest Swiss-based 'boutique press' with it's virtual doors, now officially open, please stop by, perhaps support our latest new collaborative books, and get in touch with any ideas or projects.

    I look forward to hosting you there ...

    We open 2021 with four - Yes! four books.

    Going Back to Wyoming by John Ennis.I co-edited and designed the book and cover

    with much gratitude and affection,

    Wishing everyone a fruitful, unexpected, laughter-filled and especially healthy 2021; may it offer up more hugs!


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    Sam Rasnake
    Jan 12, 02:06pm

    Thank you, Amantine, for the work you do.

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