Forum / Story up at Smokelong Quarterly #52

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    John Riley
    Jun 20, 02:52pm

    I have a story up at the newest Smokelong. I hope you read and enjoy.

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    Paula Ray
    Jun 20, 04:50pm

    Congratulations - it's a very thought-provoking and captivating story.

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    Ann Bogle
    Jun 21, 11:18am

    I enjoyed reading the triptych (three pieces or piece in three) in its depth, and I read the interview, too. A serious friend offered as a suggestion -- how all his guidance has been offered -- that had some weight when he said it so it does today: Don't rule out writing a novel (to write one but really to fulfill one). It can still happen yet.

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    Christopher Allen
    Jun 22, 09:38pm

    Thank you for this story, John.

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    Gary Hardaway
    Jun 24, 01:13am

    Excellent, and a fine pairing of art and art.

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    John Riley
    Jun 24, 08:38pm

    Thanks, guys.

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