Forum / Again with the buttons

  • Stephen_stark_web2.thumb
    Stephen Stark
    Jun 07, 07:39am

    When I hit the button for bullets, I get numbers. When I hit the button for numbered list, I get bullets. Is it just my browser (Safari)?

  • Author_wide.thumb
    J├╝rgen Fauth
    Jun 08, 08:23pm

    I can't check it from here -- Windows/Firefox all the way -- but Carson will take a look.

  • Stephen_stark_web2.thumb
    Stephen Stark
    Jun 09, 12:38pm

    Happens for me in Windows/Firefox as well.

  • Yankee.thumb
    Carson Baker
    Jun 09, 02:04pm

    Oops! It's happening to me too. Sorry about that. I must have been coding upside down.

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