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    Sam Rasnake
    Jun 06, 12:02pm

    Bertolt Brecht

    "On the Term of Exile"

    No need to drive a nail into the wall
    To hang your hat on;
    When you come in, just drop it on the chair
    No guest has sat on.

    Don’t worry about watering the flowers—
    In fact, don’t plant them.
    You will have gone back home before they bloom,
    And who will want them?

    If mastering the language is too hard,
    Only be patient;
    The telegram imploring your return
    Won’t need translation.

    Remember, when the ceiling sheds itself
    In flakes of plaster,
    The wall that keeps you out is crumbling too,
    As fast or faster.

    (Trans. Adam Kirsch)

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    Darryl Price
    Jun 07, 03:11am


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    Gessy Alvarez
    Jun 07, 05:32pm


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