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    Jürgen Fauth
    May 01, 08:50am

    Hi all,

    you may have seen I've started a group called TULPENDIEBE, and I'm looking for submissions of short fiction and poetry related to & inspired by the world of Weimar Berlin and German silent film.

    Remix culture, the idea of the creative commons, and the ways in which art inspires other art are some of the themes of my novel KINO, and I figured it made a lot of sense to invite others to join in and have fun with the world of the book. As a starting-off point, you could use any post on the tumblr I created (, short excerpts from the book (, any of the locations ( ), people (, movies (, or works of art from the time. You’re absolutely welcome to use my characters and rewrite scenes, spin off your own stories, or simply set something in the world of twenties and thirties Berlin. Perhaps you already have something that fits within the context of the tumblr.

    In addition to writing, I’m also looking for artwork, photography, video, and music – just about anything that can be uploaded to the Internet.

    Just add your story or poem to the group, and I’ll post selected submissions to the tumblr. I’ll give away signed copies of the book for the best submissions, and Atticus Books, my publisher, has signaled that they’re interested in putting out an enhanced ebook version of Kino that includes the best of your work.

    It’s an experiment in collaboratively extending the world of the novel, and I’d love for you to join us:

    Anything is still possible –

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    Jürgen Fauth
    May 01, 08:56am

    Here are two remix projects that just kill me:

    Star Wars Uncut, a massive, hilarious remake created by hundreds of people:

    Radiohead's Paranoid Android, played by 36 YouTube users:

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    Darryl Price
    May 01, 03:32pm

    Jürgen , loved both of the two remix projects above. What hilarious, humanistic fun! I've been a big Radiohead fan forever, so that was quite the treat.I like the"Anything is possible" attitude extended toward experimental collaboration you talk about. It's exciting. I'm going to see what I can come up with.Creative commons is an idea whose time has definitely come upon us. Thanks for bringing this great challenge to the forefront.What better place than Fictionaut?

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    Marcus Speh
    May 01, 06:48pm

    Splendid. I love it when writers are reloading their guns. I'm going to compete for one of the signed KINO copies. Just saying. My story will feature the Theory of Relativity, Einstein's magic toes and, of course...KINO.

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    Jürgen Fauth
    May 03, 10:32am

    Great! Looking forward to everyone's contributions. In case you have photography that fits the bill, there's also a Flickr group:

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