Forum / Is Sex "The New Black" for Spring (at Fictionaut)?

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    Susan Tepper
    Jan 19, 03:51pm

    Every season the fashion designers declare some color to be The New Black. I've only been on Fictionaut thru fall and winter, but I have noticed a definite change in the stories lately posted. SEX. Has sex become The New Black here? I'm not complaining, just musing...

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    Gary Percesepe
    Jan 19, 05:59pm

    speaking as a nyer, there will NEVER be a new black, lol

    on the other--for the longest time, FN seemed to be "neutral" on the sex thing--it was there, but was not making headlines, as it were.

    now it is.

    and that's ok.

    tomorrow may be another headline...

    also: finnegan & meg did it!

    no, just kidding. that was my evil twin skippie seizing control of the keyboard....

    like life. shit happens. then something else--

    i am waiting for the frog stories, myself---

    as in: lonely woman, thrice burned in love, sits down by a pond. a frog appears, with a beautiful voice, lilting and calm, and tells the woman, if you kiss me, i will turn into a prince, the man of your dreams. the woman thinks about it a bit, then says, no, thanks--well--ya know? at this point in my life? i'm more interested in a talking frog.

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    Susan Tepper
    Jan 19, 06:22pm

    I want a talking frog

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    Matt Dennison
    Jan 20, 03:27pm


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    Ann Bogle
    Jan 20, 05:13pm

    Matt, I have a story about a crowd of rabbits who loiter under the birdfeeder after the cat dies. That's the story.

    I wrote "Tilly Artaud" about frogs and toads as a comment for this stream; then decided to list it on the story board.

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