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Pissing in the Snow by Vance Randolph was originally published by the University of Illinois Press in 1976, and reissued as a rack-sized mass-market paperback by Bard in 1977. In the late seventies, it was a best seller. The edition I have has a roller-rink-style ring of concentric circles around the title on a yellow background. It shows sparsely forested slopes with tracks in the snow. You can buy a copy from Amazon for a penny. Read more…

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Published in 1995 by Knopf in a tiny chalkboard-colored hardback, In the Year of Long Division by Dawn Raffel can now be had at Amazon or Alibris for about two bucks. Keep reading…

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Baker writes stories that are not realistic nor are they allegorical in the fairy tale mode of Kelly Link or Shirley Jackson. Instead her stories are realistic but with very twisted facts. They are tall tales in the vein of Ambrose Bierce and Mark Twain. Keep reading…

Everything I know about what is called the short short or flash fiction or whatever you want to call it, I learned first from reading a small red hardback with a yellow dust jacket I found at a used bookstore in Seattle in the early 1990s called You Know What is Right by Jim Heynen. It had been published years before, in 1985, by a small press named North Point Press that, in turn, was bought by Farrar Straus and Giroux in the nineties where the name continues to exist as an imprint.

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Alfred A. Knopf published J.S. Marcus’ collection of stories, The Art of Cartography in 1991, with a blurb by Amy Hempel: “Dozens of perfectly observed vignettes – the stories within stories – are amplified when Marcus pieces them together.” It can be had now for $1.99 via Alibris.

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Rediscovered Reading is a new regular series in which Matt Briggs reviews overlooked collections of short fiction. Matt is the author of Shoot the Buffalo and other books. He blogs at

Farrar Straus and Giroux published Rick Rofihe’s great collection of stories Father Must in 1991. Nine of the stories in the collection had appeared in the New Yorker during the waning days of minimalism in the late eighties. Rofihe’s collection, it seems, has never been issued in paper but acceptable hardback copies can be found for about two bucks plus shipping and handling.

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