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So here’s “Alteration.” You will notice that it sucks. I can’t figure out who I’m imitating here, though it’s not George Saunders, because I wouldn’t read him for another five years. Probably I’m trying to channel Ignatious J. Riley.

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The story was worthless, she said, a narcissistic, solipsistic, repugnant waste of time.

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Line Breaks is honored to feature Meg Wolitzer, a selfless & generous mentor to countless writers, and one of the most talented novelists working in America.

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   Monday Chat with Sam Rasnake

The idea of the past and present existing simultaneously is an obsession of mine, and until just now, rereading the story after all these years, I had forgotten that it started with “The Right Thing.”

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I wrote “Gershwin’s Second Prelude” in my mid-30s, at a time when I was contemplating the idea of quitting the writing life altogether. [Read more]

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   Luna Digest, 10/26

I was 22 when I wrote this. I can’t remember where it came from except that I did actually sell rhodium jewelry on Yonge St. in Toronto in the mid-70s and it was one of those occupations that could make an already crabby person insanely misanthropic. [Read more]

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For the first few years I lived in our house in Maine, our only unexpected, ever hopeful visitor was a dog who crossed the highway often to visit us – so of course once I began imagining the world of the story, the dog made his scheduled appearance. [Read more]

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   Luna Digest, 7/6

Moving Day” appeared in the October, 1974, issue of Redbook. I wrote it in the midst of my early, autodidactic days of striving to be an artist, when I was mostly writing pretty badly by the standards I was trying to set for myself. But this is a good story. [Read more]

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   Fictionaut Five: Sam Rasnake

Writing about writing is not the easiest task — but I tried to make the best of it. Then, luckily, I remembered how I’d always wanted to write about The Chair. The Chair! I loved that chair, or at least the idea of the chair. [Read more]

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   Fictionaut Five: Finnegan Flawnt
   Luna Digest, 4/13

Writing “The Palatski Man” had a liberating effect in that rather than trying to exert control, I was able to surrender to the story. It was a border I had to cross and it was also something I had to learn to do by allowing myself to do it. To exert control had required that I copy other writers. When I was finished writing “The Palatski Man,” I realized the story had taken me to a place I could have never gotten to without writing it. That’s the first I still feel the most indebted to. [Read more]

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