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I think writing advice is silly, no matter who offers it and how famous he or she is. The process, the work is different for everyone, and attempting to pin down any sort of rules ends up being a cliché. My process is likely very different than most people who call themselves writers, in that there isn’t one. I write wherever, whenever, on whatever, and under any circumstances. I also don’t write. Not writing is part of my writing process.

There are hawks, witches, doves, cats and dogs, there are a couple of murderers, a storyteller, a poem about Chinese noodle soup, and there’s one poem about Marilyn Monroe. So, there’s a range.

I find Fictionaut to be encouraging, generous and a little intimidating. There is so much talent here. I’m trying to find the sweet spot between participating and keeping my mouth shut and soaking up all the stuff there is to learn.

I relish the times when it’s super miserable, when I haven’t slept or am hungover. If you can sit down and write when you’re completely uninspired, completely miserable, hating everything you’ve ever written or thought, and just stay in the chair until something happens, then you know you’re going to be OK.

I think periods of rest are crucial. When writers tell me that they are quitting writing, I say “Good.” It is usually after you’ve given up that you let your mind rest and it presents you with better material than if you had continuously prodded it.

Please make sure they play “A Whiter Shade of Pale” at my funeral. It contains references to Chaucer and sex.

Gargoyle has been my conduit and connection to the lit world. I’m just as much into creating print objects, buying books, as I am writing.

“Slow down where it hurts.”

I’m not a big coffee shop writer but if I change my location in my house, say from my office to my porch, it opens up a whole new vantage point. Usually during a day of writing you can find me walking around my house with my computer.

Don’t let the competitiveness of the art world drag you under. Create to create. Create to give something to the world or to you or don’t do it at all.


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