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So here’s what I’ve been thinking: if a story moved you in the first place, if its images struck you hard and its language rocked you gently, if, months later, it is still haunting you, then it’s time to share. This is how I feel about Kari Nguyen‘s “Star Anise,” posted on Fictionaut back in July. [Read more]

   Checking in With A-Minor
   How to Read Fictionaut on Your Kindle or ePub Reader

With voices so real they could be memories, and natural images so strong you can almost smell them, this short piece evokes the best of childhood before digital communication – and serves as a vital reminder that the friends and the frogs are still there for our children now. [Read more]

   Checking in With Magic Helicopter Press
   Fictionaut Five: CL Bledsoe
   Luna Digest, 7/20

What I love about Ann Bogle’s “My Crush on Daniel Ortega.” [Read more]

   Checking in with Like Birds
   Fictionaut Five: Kyle Minor
   Luna Digest, 6/22

The Italian Lunch (II)” by Cherise Wolas is the narrative equivalent of a matryoshka, those Russian nesting dolls that stack within each other. [Read more]

   Checking in with The Literary Platform
   Fictionaut Five: Jensen Beach

The language of “Bread, Fish, Serpent, Stone” by Stephanie Bobo is so damned beautiful that I’m tongue tied trying to write about why it’s one of my favorite stories, not just on Fictionaut but period. Ever. That’s right. Ever. [Read more]

   Checking in with Flag Day Challenge
   Fictionaut Five: Scott Garson
   Luna Digest, 6/8

In this great story, Ackley lulls you into a snickering half-doze with his stupid soldier jokes and then he – literally – drops the bomb on you. [Read more]

   Checking in with 52|250

I have read many stories about mother-love that have moved me, but none as much as Pia Ehrhardt’s “Baby Hater“. [Read more]

   Fictionaut Five: Jack Swenson
   Luna Digest, 5/18
   Checking in with Dark Sky

This story will make you want to toss the brie and chardonnay and sink your teeth into a juicy burger with maybe a side of fries. Delicious. [Read more]

   Fictionaut Five: Sam Rasnake
   Luna Digest, 5/4

Watched the New Yorker Fiction Editor Moderate a Panel, It Was Fine

This is a very amusing piece. It’s a piece which starts at a certain point, let us say P, and moves towards some other point by a series of other points, let us say P1, P2 … but never arrives at a finality. [Read more]

   Fictionaut Five: Steve Himmer
   Luna Digest, 4/27


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