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Groups on Fictionaut are typically used to collect themed works. But Ben Matvey has created a group as a place to keep each chapter of X, A Novel, which he is serially posting. It’s been getting great reviews, and I find myself looking forward to each new installment. While Fictionauters often seem to prefer flash […]

It is my sincere hope to continue the wonderful work of Marcus Speh over at Kaffe in Kathmandu. I know it won’t be the same but in keeping a tradition alive perhaps we can make it new.

   Fictionaut Five: Pam Houston
   Monday Chat with J. Mykell Collinz

We try to blend the traditional with the new. The traditional stuff like short stories or novellas, you have to have a voice and it has to read like it isn’t “writing.” I’m not saying it shouldn’t have beautiful language, but some people don’t know when to tone it down or just shut the hell up already.

   Front Page: December
   Fictionaut Five: Shya Scanlon

Artists are citizens as surely as they are human beings. We have responsibilities to society… and in a democracy such as ours, if we choose not to get involved, then we may wake up to find ourselves in a world where there is no freedom with which to pursue our art.

   Fictionaut Five: Neal Pollack

Our site gives people the opportunity to “fess up” and write about actual experiences and feelings that are true to them. Almost like a public diary but under the guise of beautiful works built out of words.

The Four a.m. Feeling is that something has shifted, and reality is not the way you had left it minutes ago. And it’s most assuredly four a.m. at Horrortap.

   Front Page: October
   Fictionaut Five: James Whorton Jr.
   Monday Chat with Marcelle Heath

I don’t play an instrument but I can hear the orchestra or choir in my head. Of course the few times I’ve actually heard a song of mine sung, it was nothing like I expected. That’s the great part about collaborating with another artist, it’s never what you expect.

   Fictionaut Five: John Minichillo

I think most artists have a desire to be heard that stems from an early need. I was the firstborn and had a wild imagination that’s never left me. I won’t say I had a hard childhood because I know many who’ve had so much worse.

   Fictionaut Five: Yuvi Zalkow
   Monday Chat with JP Reese
   Front Page: September

I think Anne Lamott may have had something to do with it

   Fictionaut Five: Melissa Chadburn
   Monday Chat with Darryl Price

We should embrace the zero. Be the zero. Exalt the zero.

   Checking in with Naked Rowdies


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