page1-borderHappy New Year! MaryAnne Kolton’s “She Had Sex With Strangers”, “The Love Tap”, and “NEON” is at The Toucan; “War is a Bad Thing” at Eunoia; “We Sustain” in Lost Children Charity Anthology; Invisible Child” at Anatomy; “The Birthday Girl” at Lost in Thought; “Give up?” at Larks Fiction Magazine; “Escape” and “Anya’s Frustrating Friday Morning at the Reeza Cheney Surgery Center” at The Legendary; “A Different Kind of Summer” and “Beth” at Inwood Indiana Press; “We Sustain” at Connotation Press; “a more or less uneventful flight” at Orion headless; “Duplicity” in Pure Slush’s Slut Anthology; “The Chess Teacher” at The Vehicle Magazine; and “Bed rest” at Clever Magazine. Marcus Speh’sTouching Robert Coover in Providence” is at Airplane Reading; “Thumbling” at DOGZPLOT; “a fable” at Letras Caseras; “Fox” at Necessary Fiction; “Berlin Pastoral” at Fatboy Review; and “The Story, So Far: Marcus Speh,” at Northville Review. Robert Vaughan’sWrestling with Genetics” is at Necessary Fiction; “Stubborn, Corn Maze, Distance” at Apocrypha & Abstraction; “Wait, Weight, Wait!” at Used Furniture Review; “Turkey Town” at Blue Fifth Review; “My Top 10 Books of 2011” at JMWW. Vaughan co-hosted Flash Fiction Friday at WUWM. Susan Tepper’s From the Umberplatzen is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Michelle Elvy is now editor at Blue Fifth Review. Wilderness House Literary Review has published “What’s a Housecoat” by MaryAnne Kolton; David Ackley’s “See?”; and “2008, What I Wanted” by JP Reese.

Marcelle Heath is a contributing editor for Fictionaut and assistant editor for Luna Park Review. She blogs here. Send your news for the next installment of Front Page to marcelleheath@yahoo.com.

  1. susan tepper

    Marcelle, thank you so much for including my new book in this amazing line-up of F’naut work!

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