Q (Nicolle Elizabeth): Greetings, fellow Nic and Jeffrey S. Callico! You are the admin of our Fictionaut Dark Chaos Group. I hear there is a cross-over with Dark Chaos and Negative Suck (a lovely journal, whom we have hosted here in interview at the weekly check-in previously). Can you talk to us about Dark Chaos and the group as a whole? How’s it going? Anything we can do to make your time more comfortable? Hot washcloth?

A (Nicolette Wong): Yes, there is a slight thematic crossover between Dark Chaos and Negative Suck, but each zine stands on its own. The basic premise/thrust of Dark Chaos is to feature writers and artists who aren’t afraid to cross a few boundary lines and potentially end up as an overall disturbance to those who read and view their work.

Life at Fictionaut is good, though comfort isn’t what we’re after. Let’s get the new members and submissions rolling!

Q: Who are three authors Dark Chaos adores and why? (We mean adores the writing written thereof, thereby, heretoworthwit. We don’t really care about writer’s personal lives. Well, we care, we care about everything, but we are mostly focused on writing itself, not necessarily the oh you get the point)

A: Jules Archer, Eva O’Dell and Misti Rainwater-Lites. All three of these writers push language into a space that most wouldn’t dare to attempt.

Q: What is Dark Chaos’ five year plan? Ten year?

A: There is no plan. We take it writer by writer, artist by artist. Each new post at Dark Chaos pushes it forward that much more.

Q: Please tell us more about you, your projects and own work and anything else you’d like to tell us here. Get loud, we can deal.

A: I’m from Hong Kong and bumble around online a lot–like how I ran into Jeff and got involved with Dark Chaos and Negative Suck. My plan is to solicit more quality work from writers we admire or discover so that the communities would grow. As for myself, I write flash and a bit of poetry these days, and survive on too little sleep.

Nicolle Elizabeth checks in with Fictionaut Groups every Friday.


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