Thought I’d ask the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Group to take me to their leader. LOL. Get it? Sigh, I have got to get out more.

Q (Nicolle Elizabeth): You are an admin of a sci-fi & fantasy group. Can you talk about the group and how it came about and why?

A (Veronica Purcell): The group came into being when I wasn’t able to find an existing one for science fiction and fantasy readers/writers. I favour these genres immensely, and thought it would be nice to have a particular arena for them.

Why is the sci-fi & fantasy group different from other groups?

It’s not too different from other groups only more specific; like highlighting a section of a playing field with a sonic screwdriver. I hope the group is a place where people can come and go, chill-lax, theorize about Flux Capacitors, the TARDIS and even why Hobbits have big hairy feet (if they wanted to). It’s also a place to share their fantasy/sci-fi stories so it doesn’t get lost in the greater “playing field”.

Some influences?

Louise Cooper is a major influence of mine. Along the way, I’ve immersed myself in stories by Neil Gaiman, Garth Nix, Katherine Kerr, Patricia A McKillip, Phillip Pullman and so many more.

What would you suggest to people who don’t read sci-fi or fantasy?

It’s hard question to ask. I suppose it depends on what they want out of story. Early science fiction had a lot of terminology that turned off the general reader. Now days, what is written in sci-fi or fantasy could just as easily be passed off as real life. It’s all about character relationships, development and the natural evolution of the world and story itself in a way anyone can identify with.

I’d suggest Harry Potter be a good start for someone wanting to ease into the fantasy genre and don’t want to be too far out of their comfort zone. Neil Gaiman has few good crossover stories.

Can you talk about the differences between sci-fi, fantasy, and say, surrealists?

I’m no expert so what is said here is purely based on my own interpretation and opinion.

When I first discovered the genres (many moons ago), Science Fiction to me were stories such as Dune and I Robot; Fantasy was Lord of the Rings and such. Nowadays, so many fantasy works contain science fiction elements and vice versa, I think it’s easier to think of them under the umbrella of Speculative Fiction. Preternatural tends to blur boundaries with fantasy from time to time as well.

Are you planning a LARPING meet-up of some sort? (If that was offensive please don’t have anyone attack me with a laser sword. That was still offensive, forgive me, fellow nerds I come in peace)

LOL! No there aren’t any LARP meet-ups being planned. I doubt I’ll be able to organize one from where I am. If I do learn of meet-ups, I’ll be listing them in the forums. This includes conventions and so forth. People are free to list ones they know of too.

Some things the group’s doing/planning?

Nothing spectacular happening at the moment. Just enjoying the time in the house. Perhaps, if I have more time and energy to spare, I can introduce writing prompts, challenges and better spotlight features to the group. I’m more than happy for others to submit their challenges and ideas as well.

Tell us about you, about sci-fi and fantasy, and why everyone should at the least know who HG Wells is.

Nothing much to say about me. I dabble with words and digital paint from time to time. Most of my design work can be viewed at, which is my design alias. I also write an online fantasy series, which some of it can be read here or at My day job is IT.

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