Luna Digest, 6/22

lunaparkreststoplogooutlinesFor the past month Luna Digest posts here have been a bit spotty to say the least, as attention has been directed to Luna Park’s new website. But now the site is up—all thanks to Gene and Jenny at Supreme Value. Fantastic people (who also did PANK‘s site, among other things) and great work. All to say: Expect Digest posts at the regular weekly clip from here on out. Also, check out David Backer’s thoughts on realism and April’s online fiction at the new site.

The second issue of Corium is out, with new work from Gary Percesepe, Jenny Bitner , Roxane Gay, and B.J. Hollars among others. Read Marcelle Heath on Corium‘s March debut.

Percesepe also has work forthcoming in Stymie Magazine: A Journal of Sport & Literature—which interests me, as a past reader of Aethlon: The Journal of Sport Literature. Are there many such publications?

bcm_1_tnAnother new magazine, Australia’s Blue Crow, has come out with their first issue, with a story from Matt Dennison, “All the Windows, All the Doors” (originally published on Fictionaut as “Rabbits“). The magazine should be a good addition to some great fairly recent Aussie lit mags, Torpedo and The Lifted Brow. Grab a sample PDF of the premiere issue to see for yourself.

I’ve also been informed that Dennison has poetry in the latest issue of Moose & Pussy. …That’s right. Fictionaut founder Jurgen Fauth wrote me, “This is the first I heard of Moose & Pussy.” Me, too. Dennison’s poems “Heat” and “Slow Horse” (listed simply as “Two” at Fictionaut) appear in the recent issue.

Quick bit of news from Colin Bassett, editor of Bearcreekfeed:

I wanted to let you know about a new ebook being released this week by Bearcreekfeed. Kendra Grant Malone‘s ‘Chasing Pigeons Makes Me Feel More Powerful’ will be published Wednesday (6/16). You can read the poems now at and the ebook will be officially published at on Wednesday.

pi13_14In other Fictionauter news: Mary Miller has a free new mini-book from Featherproof: “Foxes” (just print and fold). Susan Tepper has poetry in Cortland Review and work in the new issue of Gargoyle. David Ackley‘s novelette “The Warden” appeared in Vol. 4.1 of  Prick of the Spindle—and Percesepe’s story “Philosophy” is in the magazine’s newest issue. And Bill Yarrow has poetry in recent issues of Magma and Poetry International—a special double issue on Chile that also includes “Godzilla in Mexico” by Roberto Bolaño, translated by Mariela Griffor:

Hear me, my son: bombs were dropping
all over Mexico City,
but no one realized.
The air spread poison through
the streets and open windows.
You’d just eaten breakfast and were
watching the detectives on TV.
I was reading in the next room
when I knew we were going to die.
Despite the dizziness and nausea I dragged myself
to the dining room and found you on the floor.
I held you close. You asked me what was happening.
I didn’t tell you we were on death’s telethon
but I whispered, We are going on a journey,
you and I, together, don’t be afraid.
When leaving, death didn’t even close our eyes.
What are we? you asked a week a year later,
ants, bees, wrong numbers
in the great spoiled soup of chance?
We are human beings, my son, nearly birds,Tin
public heroes and secrets.

current_coverFinally, I can never pass up mentioning new work in lit mags by Steven Millhauser and Jim Shepard. Always fascinating, mind-blowing writers. In the newest issues of Tin House and Zoetrope: All-Story, respectively.

Every Tuesday, Travis Kurowski presents Luna Digesta selection of news from the world of literary magazines. Travis is the editor of Luna Park, a magazine founded on the idea that journals are as deserving of critical attention as other artistic works.

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