Muumuu House has a group on Fictionaut and I decided to ask Audrey about it. It was good.

Q (Nicolle Elizabeth): Who are you (the caterpillar asked Alice)?

A: My name is Audrey Allendale, I’m an employee of Muumuu House. I was expelled from NYU last year. Currently I work part-time for Muumuu House and part-time in a cafe by Tompkins Square Park.

Q: How is Muumuu House using its Fictionaut group if at all? Is it going okay? Anything we can do for you?

A: Currently Muumuu House has secured its Fictionaut group but hasn’t really done anything with it yet. We’re meeting next week in our beautiful Hamptons Muumuu House location (donated to us from my grandfather, in his will) to discuss future Fictionaut group plans, among other things.

Q: How is the Muumuu House group being used if at all? Are there discussions workshopping etc?

A: Muumuu House plans to foster discussions of stories published on Muumuu House, as well as discussions about the authors of those stories, including people that are no longer alive, and whose works republished on Muumuu House are out-of-print, like James Purdy and his story “Color of Darkness” (a story from his out-of-print first story collection).

Q: Does Muumuu House find the Fictionaut site easy or hard to navigate and why?
I find the site easy to navigate. I like the clean design.

Q: Does Muumuu House use gchat while on the Fictionaut group site?

A: I do not, literally speaking, use Gmail Chat while on the Fictionaut group site, just because it is on a different screen.

Q: I like that Brandon Scott Gorrell (I think I spelled that wrong.) Tell us who Muumuu House puts out, how and why?

A: Muumuu House has published three books as follows: a poetry collection, Sometimes My Heart Pushes My Ribs by Ellen Kennedy, a poetry collection, During My Nervous Breakdown I Want to Have a Biographer Present by Brandon Scott Gorrell, and a limited-edition non-fiction book, The Brandon Book Crisis by Brandon Scott Gorrell and Tao Lin. The authors of these books and Tao Lin discussed each book and decided that there was mutual interest in Muumuu House publishing said book, after which Tao Lin used his money and printed, respectively, 1000 copies of Ellen’s book, 2500 copies of Brandon’s book, and 150 copies of The Brandon Book Crisis through Thomson-Shore, a printer based in Michigan.

Q: What is Mummuu House’s favorite article of clothing?

A: I enjoy wearing colorful t-shirts and plaid flannel, I’m not sure exactly what the favorite articles of clothing of the other people involved in Muumuu House are, but probably they include clothes from American Apparel.

Q: What’s Muumuu House doing in the future?

A: Muumuu House plans to continue to publish books in high-quality offset editions featuring minimalist designs and a Helvetica interior. Future books include a possible Bear Parade anthology, a possible annual anthology of fiction and poetry, and possible books by single authors already published on Muumuu House’s website.

Q: Anything you want to plug here?

A: My Twitter account is here.

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