A former science journalist living in Jerusalem, Tania Hershman has been named named the European regional winner of the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association’s short story competition. (You can listen to an audio version of the winning story at Tania’s site.) Her debut collection The White Road and Other Stories (Salt) has been praised for its “unique combination of narrative extravagance and human intimacy” by Melvin Jules Bukiet.

Tania also edits The Short Review, a website dedicated to reviewing short story collections, and her virtual book tour is currently underway.  Tania posted If, a new story written “in that magical flash writing space where all self-censorship vanishes,” on Fictionaut.

If you weren’t a writer, how would you spend your time?

Reading all the books I haven’t had time to read yet because I studied science at university and never got to just sit around and devour great literature. Read, watch films, read more, and get a lot of sleep.

Which book do you wish you’d written?

I don’t really wish I’d written anyone else’s book because I think we can only all write our own, but if you insist, I read a stunning book last summer, Open Me by Sunshine O’Donnell, and it was not only well written, it was an amazing story and the telling of it was so unique, so innovative, I really wish I’d written that.

Name one website you couldn’t live without.

What are you working on now?
More short stories, more flash fiction, and a possible idea for a film script.

Whiskey or yoga?
My yoga teacher is Scottish so he would be outraged that it’s either/or. He brings single malt with him, for afterwards!

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