There is no other love but you.

by Tracey Curzon-Manners

There is no other love but you
What on earth do you take me for?
Now pass me those pots I've things to do,
Who left those clothes on the floor?
Yes I know we have bills coming out of our ears
But we deserve better than this!
Don't you yearn to feel the wind in your hair?

Must be just me then I guess?


I'm not bothered about watching telly tonight
It's only repeats anyway and
Actually I said I'd meet Sonia in town
I'm sure I mentioned that earlier today.
Well, I meant to, so sorry
If you didn't quite hear but now I need to get dressed.
Who left these towels in a mess!


I'm sick to death of picking things up
It's time you stepped up to the plate.
Now look what you have made me do
Rushing so much I'll be late.
Can you zip me up, careful please
Don't get it snagged in the seam.
What, this old thing, had it for years.
Yes you've seen it, I.don't have the receipt.


God's teeth but are you still going on

What exactly have I done now?

Oh, the neighbour said she saw me at the gate

Chatting with whom? When? And how
Is it you believe her over me
When all is said and done - Ye of little faith
It cuts me to the core to think
You'd sabotage my fun.


Fuchsia Pink, two Christmas's ago,
You see I hardly spend anything at all.
And these shoes must be five years old
Can't remember when they last saw a dance floor.
Night-club? Well, now you mention it
It's possible we could be late. I'll be sure
To let you know if our plans change
From drinks to a full blown date.


Did I say date? Just yanking your chain
The look on your face was enough.
Now kiss me and tell me that we're OK
And stop looking so Billy-Goat-Gruff.
There are too many years between us my love
For you to start worrying now
About have I or haven't I cheated on us
Our marriage, our kids - Holy Cow!


Is that the time where are my keys?
Make sure they're in bed by nine.
The sandwiches are done your dinner too
Yes of course I'm going to be fine.
Thank you, I'm glad you noticed my scent
You bought it ages ago.
Do you remember where we were and what we did?
You rascal you must let me go.


Sonia called when - but I was in the shower
You lay there and watched me get dressed.
Knowing all along that the evening was off
Why wait 'till now to confess?
You Dog! You Cad! You enjoyed the show;
I think a beating is long overdue.
Damn your eyes man I fail to comprehend
Why for me there is no other love but you.