And Should We Meet Again...

by Tracey Curzon-Manners

...would you still look at me the same way ? Would the invisible thread between us still exist I wonder, or would it be better to remain as we were cast to memory and happier times?

Your image is etched upon my soul....an unbearable portrait frozen in time.

If you had spoken, if you had given me the slightest notion I would have left all behind to be with you.

I am no longer that girl, you only bare a resemblance to that man.

It was the chemistry that provided the illusion with our blessing. We conjured mystery and courted glamour because it pleased us to do so. It allowed us to escape the very life we had chosen to live. In your company I imagined myself to be somebody else, I imagined myself to be free from all constraint, all responsibility, all sense of reality.....

....only to realise that the music had ended abruptly without my noticing and I was trapped in the harsh glare of unforgiving illumination, smeared make up, pale skin, dishevelled clothes...

not a Goddess after all.