Two works by Jill Chan, first published in Blue Fifth Review

by Sam Rasnake

"Hanging Bridge"

You stand swaying,
thinking too
much of the sky,
the depth of blue
and where we lift,
a bridge of words
capable of
unsaying the past
like shelfless memory,
us floating,
our feet sighing
along the rim
of the earth,
gone inside us,
slow capture.

Blue Fifth Review, Summer 2007
Selected by Sam Rasnake, ed.

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I like to encircle the dates on the calendar. As if one could release time just by action. I am also saying I want to go to the future, that I go to it singing, waiting for my hand to encircle the day.

I sometimes encircle the date before night falls. As if I'm saying, I'll get to the next day now, before I lose this day to the night, as the second hand of the clock sweeps past the hour hand, standing there like a rock.

I sometimes cross the date. But since last month, I've stopped doing this. It's as if crossing is too adamant, a way of cancelling time rather than having it pass. More thrown away than simply let go.

This is also a symbol. Time encircled, rationalized, conquered, spent, used up.

But where does time go? Is it not here still? Is it not something which arrives rather than leaves? Like rain coming down rather than clouds passing clouds, almost reluctantly.

It is insistent. Or quietly mannered and shy sometimes. Like the ticking of a clock, it is perceptible when we listen hard but fades to the background when we are occupied.

Where are we going? Or should I say, Where are we arriving? Then we stop waiting. Then we stop wanting.

When are we moving from this place?

Blue Fifth Review, Summer 2017
Selected by Michelle Elvy, ed.