Blizzard of Two

by Gary Percesepe

for Jennifer


In the kingdom of days

time walked slowly

through us.


The city is a white

shaking dome

fastened to a great lake.


In a city of neighbors

I sat alone and waited

for my piece of the storm.


You waited too.

We both waited

for something to




the upper Niagara

is shattered shelves

of crashing blue ice

lit from above

by a strand of

blue bridge lights

as I drive to your

house along the

frozen highway.


No one is


but  me

and I have

no thoughts

but you.



the tree

is trimmed

the TV hums

the dog sniffs a

faint approval.


We are here.


Let the wind howl

& distant stars shiver


the furnace groan

and every false

calendar be turned

again to careless



Neither of us

expected this.

I kissed you

again & again &

tugged at

twisted sheets

in your

winter bed.


Is there some

fortune cookie saying

we will go on singing?

Shiny gold bells in

snowy trees

hollowed by time

each puff  of wind

playing through us

a music we had

long forgotten.


Cheever, that master of

suburban disaster, once

caught himself hoping:

When body touches

heart, how singular, how blessed,

the richness of our opportunity.

O, what a paradise it seemed!


Your love is a fire

your smile the light

of hidden flowers;

where nothing is waiting

it is said

everything is waiting there


the two of us

sun and moon in orbit

over the fiercely falling snow

a blizzard of two

and the stars are shining.