dirt and bones

by FM Le

I wish I could be pure

again like the air

before there were people

but men are shaped

like monsters.


some of my bones are

missing from dealing

with you, you left

my body in the desert

ugly and destroyed.

My skin feels like wet

cement now.

Explain what you

got out of this killing,

this taking of my

hands and breath.


Though it wasn't, it felt

deep because of

how far down

I sat into his ribs.


I hear animal sounds

but it's just his breathing

over mine. together we

are one wounded animal.


I sat with my backbone

fused into the front of his,

from when he swallowed me

and tricked me with warmth

of what was really only dark,

narrow immobility,

I lost half, I gained half.

This will go on for days, years,

time means nothing or

is it everything?


my heart was


a pillow

a parachute

a punching bag

I am nothing but desert dirt

and mismatched bones.