Plan B

by David James

When he was six years old Little Ezekiel wanted to spread the word of the Lord like his pastor, Brother Bobby.  After he got off the school bus each day he would run in and drop his book satchel in the hall and hurry out into the backyard preaching loudly to the chickens, telling them if they didn't lay a lot of eggs, hell, fire and damnation would be visited upon them. 

That summer, when school was out, Brother Bobby told Little Ezekiel that, if he wanted to train to gain entry to the blessed work of the Lord, he would have to look for a sign from the Heavenly Father before he could start preaching to other little kids like he said he wanted to. 

 So, on that very afternoon, Little Ezekiel walked about looking for a sign but it was so confusing and he spoke softly to himself asking, “Which sign? Is it Stop?, Is it School Zone?, Is it Right Turn Only?, Is it Watch For Trucks?, Is it Road Work Ahead?” 

Quite upset, tearfully, he turned and started back home, angrily mumbling,”Fuck this, I'm going to be a fireman.”